Training Programs

Want to Earn While you Learn?

Apprentices will get the unique opportunity to work alongside and get mentorship from the most talented and experienced  leaders in our industry.  The apprenticeship program includes on-the-job training and the opportunity to earn debt-free career related education at the same time.  You’ll begin your apprenticeship earning at least 60% of experienced pay while working in the field and earning other industry related training and certifications from nearby subject matter experts or third-party accredited institutions.   Upon successful completion of the  Apprenticeship Program you’ll be qualified to work at any one of the locations within  Mountain Enterprises, Inc. and the CRH North America Materials (AMAT) network.

As an Apprentice you will have to the opportunity to progress through a series of roles & assignments to gain experience, knowledge, and hands-on skills.  Each role or assignment offers new skill development opportunities and escalating job responsibilities with demonstrated proficiency.  Additionally, you’ll be provided a combination of on-the-job and subject matter expert training to support skills and trade knowledge development with each role assignment.

The above apprentices pictured left to right from top are Scott Stapleton a certified apprentice, Ryan Haynes a current apprentice in training, Dustin Hill a certified apprentice, Shayne Hunt a certified apprentice, Austin Barnette a certified apprentice, Lance Adkins a current apprentice, Trey Banks a current apprentice and Marcus Stacy a current apprentice.